Thursday, October 08, 2009

Baltimore Magazine Highlights 4 Wineries

Tale of the Grape
The kudos don't lie.
Maryland winemaking is finally on the map.

By Martha Thomas
Baltimore Magazine
October 2009 Issue

"It's a crisp Sunday afternoon, and the view beyond the barn at Boordy Vineyards is bright with autumn colors. Rob Deford, the winery's owner, cranks the handle of a vintage crusher and white grapes emerge, their skins broken and stems removed. He jokes about what it would be like to make the winery's annual 90,000 gallons of wine with this antiquated equipment. But, of course, he doesn't have to—behind him loom almost three dozen stainless steel tanks, the largest with a capacity of 12,000 gallons."

The article goes on to highlight Black Ankle Vineyards, Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, St. Michaels Winery, and Boordy Vineyards.

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