Friday, September 18, 2009


Normally I don't write about beer on this blog, but then again, Ommegamg is not a normal beer.

OK, let’s stop right there. This piece is about Belgian-style ale. The foodies. The beer nuts. The high brows. You’ll be interested. Those of you who are open to the microbrew options…some of you will come along…already have. The rest – this blog’s not for you.

I love Belgian styled ales. I loved Trappist ales. If you are with me, then Ommegang is heaven.

During our trip to Cooperstown, we went for a tour of Ommegang. It was a brewery owned half by an American couple who built it and established it. In 2005 Duvel, who owned the other 50%, bought the company out, an now owns is solely.

These are beers thar are aged before they send them out to market. These are ales you buy to store in your cellar for two three four or five years. I’ve had ten year-old ales that were smashing!

Oemmgang is an incredible visit. The brewery is constructed just like a Belgian brewery, with ingredients going into the farm house at one end, and cases of beer coming out the other. A brewery is very much like a winery…hoses everywhere. Smells of fermentation, lost of other weird smells, etc.

We went through the tour, as the cellar master was brewing a batch. We were given a glimpse of the spice area, as these beers are made with many seasonings. They are complicated elixirs.

Our sons were not avid about taking the tour, but soon thought it was cool.

And then we did a tasting at the end. And we also tasted some Omegang cheese spreads as well. Heaven!

Loved all the beers…spicey, flavorful, big, robust. Their Wit is exceptional for those who love wheat styled beer. Everything else also great.