Monday, August 31, 2009


According to Unionville Vineyards, "The true hero of Unionville Vineyards is our winemaker. While single varietals have become well known, the true artisan crafts signature blends that inspire a very personal level of wine appreciation. No other label or brand will replicate these wines of the Artisan Series, which feature an inspired combination of tastes that awaken and delight the palate. Such creations cannot be found elsewhere as they are completely unique to Unionville. The Artisan series will vary year by year depending on the bounty of Mother Nature and the inspirations of the vine."

The Artisan Series of wines is one of the two higher level wines made at Unionville. It's not their inexpensive series of wines, and it's not their Single Vineyard designation series. The Big O is a blend of Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon. It's big, it's dark, with lots of deep dark fruit, and some nice acidity and tannins. A big wine. It's a grab for the proverbial brass ring. And it seems Unionville has done it. Cameron Stark, the winemaker at Uinionville has done an excellent job crafting a solid, beautiful red wine.