Monday, August 24, 2009


It was one of those stupid, crazy weekends. We were fixing up our house for sale, and visiting old friends, and we drink a decent amount of an effort to get revenge for working so hard all weekend.

The fun part was raiding the old wine cellar and finding what we had. One of the wonderful suprises of the weekend was the Unionville 1999 Chambourcin. When it was brand new it had big notes of sour cherry, but with age it was totally different.

Now a mature wine, it had fared in the cellar well. And I noticed it had the old label...Unionville has changed their whole look!

A medium-bodied, dry red, it was filled with dark cherry and notes of chocolate and a touch of tomato.

We paired it with a plate of Hudson Valley and New Jersey made cheeses. The smellier they were, the better they tasted.

The wine was stupendous. A great surprise...dark, clear red (like Chianti), with nice mouthfeel, and a good dry finish. Nice balance of acids and tannins.