Sunday, August 02, 2009

Rhubarb Wine from White Silo Farm & WInery - A Nice Change of Pace

White Silo Farm is a small specialty winery. All of their wine is produced from their own farm grown fruit. Experience the charm of an earlier era by touring the old barn where the winery is located. Visit the fermentation, bottling, and corking rooms where the classical art of wine making has been preserved. The old dairy farm is now a raspberry farm and in season, September and October, you can Pick-Your-Own (PYO) delicious raspberries.

White Silo Farm and Winery isn't very big or elaborate. There's no 300-gallon fermentation bins, no oak barrels for aging, no fancy corking or bottling machinery. In fact, there are no grapes. Not one single grape. Yet, they've been featured in the Hartford Courant.

I met and talked with Eric Gorman, who along with his father Ralph Gorman, runs the farm. I spoke with him about winemaking. Eric told another blogger, " We have worked very hard to create a unique experience at our farm and winery. In addition to the art shows we will be hosting a series of special events such as our Asparagus Festival in May." They've even had Gary Vanderchunk appear at the farm this past June.

I tried a hearty Black Currant wine. Very drinkable. Would be great with a piece of apple pie and a slice of cheddar, or with chocolates. Eric prefers it with game or duck.

My favorite was a Rhubarb Wine. A light white, it was very, very tasty, and one of the better rhubarb wines I have ever had. My wife loves rhubarb wine, so I bought a bottle, knowing that was one I wouldn't get hollered at for.

Buy the Rhubarb Wine! Never thought I'd even write that, let alone say it. But it was a good, classy, distinctive white. C'mon! Try something new!