Sunday, August 02, 2009


This Is Just To Say
I drank
the Oak Summit
in the wine cellar
which you were probably
for a special occasion.
Forgive me
it was so delicious
so rich
and so dry.
-- Carlo DeVito
(with apologies to William Carlos Williams)

While I was at the Bounty of the Hudson I had the occasion to drink Oak Summit Pinot Noir.

I am so enamoured of it.

To me, it is one of the best Pinot Noirs on the entire East Coast, and certainly one of the best in the state.

It is made by John Bruno, one of New York's fine wine treasures, and constant and renowned raconteur. He is first to tell you that his philosophy is that great wine is made in the vineyard (an oenological rule first penned by the Latin poet Virgil in 48 BC).

Nancy of Oak Summit.

Their daughters.

Their 6 acres of Pinot Noir vines are planted in Dutchess Cardigan, a gravelly loam of great depth. The natural pH is 6.3, and the soil is rich in nutrients, well balanced in minerals, and has no need for artficial amendments.

And their Pinot Noir vines are all traditional DIjon clones grafted on American rootstock. They are hand-planted and hand-trained onto a VSP trellis system. Every year they prune and discard at least 30% of our crop to maintain the wine's intensity and character.

The winery is a family effort. The Brunos are gracious folks, and they live graciously.

It's not easy to get your hands on Oak Sumit. So when get the chance to stock up. I bought three.

Now that I am home, I'm mad at myself I didn't buy more. Sorry, John.

Great stuff!