Sunday, August 02, 2009

Miranda Vineyard Merlot is Smoooth and Goooood

Some sons learn how to fish from their fathers. Others learn how to play baseball. Manny Miranda learned how to make wine. As far back as he can remember, when summer turned to fall, he and his father and grandfather would be busy for days in the courtyard of the family house, crushing grapes, squeezing them in a hand press and fermenting the grapes into wine.

It took more than 50 years, but Manny and his wife Maria finally opened a winery. Recently they both retired, Manny from his own construction company, Maria as a school principal. And now they’re starting a whole new adventure.

Miranda Merlot is a nice, smooth, easy drinking red. It goes down very easy. It's a light to medium bodied dry red, aged in French oak. It is smoooth and gooood. Very nice!