Friday, August 07, 2009

Land of Nod 2008 Bianca

Land of Nod is located on a 200-acre farm, in East Canaan, Connecticut, nestled among rolling hills. The farm has been servicing the local community since the American Revolution, for nine generations. They planted their first vines in 1994, and opened their doors in 1998.

The winery offers grape and fruit wines. They are opened from April to October. They also have a sugarhouse.

I have wanted to visit them many a time, but it’s never worked out. While I was at the Connecticut Wine Festival, they happened to have a booth, and I was more than just a little curious.

I tasted several wines that were very good. But one blew me away.

2008 Bianca is an estate vinted and bottled wine from Malvasia Bianca grapes. It’s a light white wine. Very beautiful flavors. Super nose. An elegant, simple white. It’s like a lighter version of an off-dry Riesling. But it’s got the lightness of a Viognier. A very nice wine.