Friday, August 07, 2009

Jonathan Edwards Estate Pinot Gris – A Thing of Beauty

I’ve already blogged about how much I like Jonathan Edwards in Connecticut. Many of the reds are very, very good, and the grapes are sourced from California. But they are very serious, and very worthwhile.

He does produce estate wines. In fact, he has several beautiful estate whites…and they are beautiful.

The one I like most was the Pinot Gris.

It’s light, fresh, crisp, with a beautiful full bouquet. This is an elegant and refreshing wine. A fantastic accompaniment to fish, salad, soups, chicken, or even some lightly done pork.

Dominique and I shared one with our Hudson Valley cheese plate. Against the fresh, creamy goat cheese and hard-rind, Swiss style goat cheese, it sparkled.

At Jonathan Edwards, they are serious about beautiful wines. They are intent on being one of the best wineries in New England. This is a wine that shows how serious they are. Wonderful!