Sunday, August 09, 2009

Follow Up Reports from The Bounty of the Hudson 2009

I apologize to all the folks at the Bounty of the Hudson, since I am late in filing my reviews. Bad computer week!!!

It was held the same day as the Connecticut Wine Festival, so I was divided up....Saturday at the Bounty and Sunday in Connecticut.

So here are some of the reviews...and then I file a few individual reviews.

Palaia Vineyards Merlot
This is a very nice, smooth drinking Merlot. More light and medium bodied, than the heavy California versions. Also, not too heavily oaked. A touch of vanilla, but more smooth, with dark cherries. A very nice, easy drinking wine. A lovely, lovely example of what Valley vintners can do!

Brimstone Hill Vin Rouge Superieur
Let me tell you now...this wine is undernamed, under packaged...and under priced. A very, very nice wine by Dick Eldrige at Brimstone Hill. A smooth, easy drinking red, with a touch of oak. Some nice light and medium dark fruits on the nose and tongue. A smooth finish. A touch of both acid and tannin. This is a wine you should buy a case of and have lots of fun drinking. One of the biggest unsung wines of the valley!!!!!!!

Stoutridge Chancellor Erie
This is one of the best Chancellors I have had on the east coast. A nice, medium-bodied, garnet red. Nice soft fruit flavors up front and a nice touch of oak and acid at the end. Stoutridge has continued to expand its offerings, and grow into the winery it was meant to be. Steve Osborne just keeps on coming. This is as nice an expression of fruit as you will find in this grape. Excellent job, Steve!!!!!