Friday, August 28, 2009


So I was in the Finger Lakes during the week. Concentrated on Keuka this time, with a little time on Seneca's norther shore. Very exciting things going on over there.

One of my favorite small wineries is Billsboro. I love the winemaker (though I never met him) and I love the wines.

He tends to make very fruit forward, light reds. And they tend to be excellent.

One of the ones Dominique and I opened first from my little trip was Billsboro's Pinot Noir 2007.

It's a light, translucent red, with some lovely notes. Vincent, the winemaker, claims this Pinot Noir to be "the best I've ever made!" As promised, the nose offers hints of English toffee and black currant with flavors of ripe cherry and cranberry. Nice, firm tannins.

A light, awesome Pinot Noir!
Bought a hat, many bottles, and took plenty of photos. A lot of fun!