Sunday, August 09, 2009

Adair Landmark Red

Mark Stopkie is the owner/winemaker at Adair Vineyards in New Paltz, New York. He makes so incredible wines. I have dreams about being able to make a light dessert wine like his Peche (which will never happen I know...sort of like some house painter hoping that someday he'll paint like Van Gogh).

The Stopkie's totes of grapes were used in the recent Hudson Valley magazine article about the valley, where Adair got a very, very nice write up!
And while the Peche grabs all the headlines, at the Bounty of the Hudson 2009 I found the 2009 Landmark Red. It had just recently won a Silver Medal. It was a wonderful surprise!

A light, dry red made from a blend of Frontenac, Millot, and Foch grapes aged in oak barrels for 4 months. This wine is loaded with ripe red berry flavors and a hint of oak. (60% Frontenac, 30% Millot, 10% Foch). It's a dry, delicious, smooth drinking red. Very, very nice. It's medium-bodied, well-balanced. A medium-to-dark garnet color, it's aromatic and tasty. Great with food. Buy a half a case and pour it for your friends when they come over to impress them.

Great job, Mark!