Friday, July 31, 2009

With Rory Callahan at Union Square Green Market Wine Stand

On June 7th, 2009, Jim Tresize wrote, "GREENMARKET WINESTAND has been a phenomenal success in penetrating the fiercely competitive New York City wine market, thanks to the great work of our colleagues at Wine & Food Associates. With an initial push from the Department of Agriculture & Markets, the green-tented Pride of New York Winestand appears on Fridays at the bustling Union Square Greenmarket—with up to 30,000 shoppers per day—featuring a winery owner in one tent with an adjacent tent staffed by a local chef offering compatible finger food made with Greenmarket ingredients.... Since the beginning, the program has been run by Rory Callahan and his colleagues at Wine & Food Associates, who have done an extraordinary job."

This year I have seen many wineries cycle through. Some are tried and true, like Anthony Road. But I have discovered some new wineries too, like One Woman, for example.

Today they had Silver Stream Winery from the Hudson Valley.

Rory Callahan and his folks are handling numeorus requests. They had 50-some open spots between Union Square and Grand Army Plaza (NYC's two largest greenmarkets). They had 70-some respondents, all looking for multiple placements. The wineries have met with pretty solid success, given the rare nice day (it been tough, given the northeast's inclement weather of late).

And now other markets around the city want to get into the rotation as well. Callahan is over-whelmed, but happily so.

Thanks Rory for supporting local wine!