Friday, July 31, 2009

The Maine Raves About Maine Wine!

Check out the Maine Wine Trail
By Katy Englandedge staff

Wine is a staple in times of celebration, to honor good friends or just to accentuate a fine meal. It's a beverage that is a celebrated part of nearly every culture and has made some countries famous. And as Americans are stepping into the spotlight as great vintners, Maine has joined this burgeoning field: 18 wineries and vineyards have cropped up in our own state, adding a diverse local flavor that every Mainer should try.

The wine trail in Maine, though a little more spread out than its Californian cousins, is an effort on the part of the Winery Guild in Maine to give this growing business a stronger voice. Really, it's a way for small businesses to work together for the good of all the wineries in the state.
"It's a great way of seeing how Maine has broadened people's view of enjoying regional wine," said Joan Anderson, co-owner of the Winterport Winery.

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