Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hudson Valley Wineries Get Raves From Hudson Valley Magazine

Great news for Hudson Valley winemakers! And drinkers! Shannon Gallagher wrote the August 2009 cover story for Hudson Valley Magazine raving about the 20+ wineries coming of age in the Hudson Valley.

Also features including such local ceebrities as Michael and Yancey Migliore of Whitecliff Vineyard, and Phyllis Feder of Clinton Vineyards, as well as an homage to Ben Feder of Clinton Vineyards for his lifetime of achievement, and many others were also within the 10 page feature story chockful of pictures!

"Hailed as the Hudson Valley’s best growing season in 30 years, 2007 left some pretty big shoes to fill — and thankfully, though not as hot or long, 2008 managed to produce. “It was an excellent growing season, one of the best we’ve seen,” says Yancy Migliore, co-owner of Gardiner’s Whitecliff Vineyards. “It was definitely in the top 10 vintages, maybe even top five,” adds her husband Michael, president of the Hudson Valley Wine and Grape Association. This bodes well for Hudson Valley wine country... with a couple of powerhouse vintages and (of all things) a national recession, things just may be looking up for Valley vintners," wrote Gallagher.