Friday, July 17, 2009

Finger Lakes Distilling

As an unexpected surprise, we came across Finger Lakes Distilling on their grand opening day.


The building itself is a knock out, but it's what's isnide that counts. And it counts huge!

I started off with the grape vodka, destined to be one of the most popular vodkas in the region. They shouldn't have any problems selling this stuff. Smooth, with a slightlest hint of grape. Incredible.

The gin was also excellent! I bought gin to make gin and tonic and martinis. Tremendous stuff!

Finger Lakes Distilling is the region's first artisanal distillery to stand on its own, not associated with or located within an existing winery or fruit farm.

"Most people think we're a winery or a brewery," said McKenzie, who's hoping his tasting room will open next month. ''We think this is a little more interesting. It's like a winery or a brewery, but we take it another step."

They entered their first spirits competition - the newly-founded New York Spirits Awards. The competition was open to international brands, large and small. The judging panel consisted of some very well respected people in the industry - mixologists, top retailers, and spirits sommeliers. They evaluated each entry on a 100 point scale with points awarded for appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel and finish. Vintner's Vodka and Seneca Drums Gin were both awarded Best in Class Awards.
Great stuff! Stop there as you're tooling around. Well worth the visit!