Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Woman Winery in Southold, New York

So, I was at the Union Square Greenmarket yesterday and as usual, I bought a small bottle of iced cider from Eve's Cidery. Always one of my favorites. And as I continued my walk, among the crowded corridors of produce and cheeses, atc., I spied a new winery I had not yet heard of. One Woman.

The woman is Claudia Purita, and it seems she learned winemaking at her father Domenico's side, in Calabria, Italy. Luckily for us it seems, she's now on Long Island. And if the saying goes, behind every man is a good woman, well, the Purita's have it in reverse. Claudia's husband Lou is her rock. Claudia and Lou planted 12 acres in the North Fork. She's the inemaker and he's the born salesman.

As I neared the tent, I could hear Lou talking to customers in his big, affable voice.

I tried several wines, but the wine I liked was the Chardonnay Reserve. It was light but it had a slight touch of oak and nice balance. It was very nice.

There are people who know a lot more about Long Island wine than me, but it was a pleasant surprise on a warm and sunny June day in 2009. And that was good enough.