Sunday, June 28, 2009

James Molesworth Calls Lake Seneca "High Rent District"

HERMANN J. WIEMER VINEYARD and RED TAIL RIDGE both got nice plugs this week from James Molesworth of The Wine Spectator, who describes Seneca Lake as “The High-Rent District” of the Finger Lakes region. The blog post traces the evolution of the Wiemer operation—now run by longtime winemaker Fred Wermarth—and the differences in its three vineyards relative to how their individual characteristics influence the taste of the wines—terroir at its best. The profile of Red Tail Ridge focuses on the unique experience of husband-wife team Mike Schnelle and Nancy Irelan, their decision to come east from California to lay down roots, so to speak, and the green-ness of their new tasting room that will open this summer. Nancy has a ph.D. in vine genetics from the University of California at Davis , along with high-level research experience at Gallo, and is deeply involved in industry-wide research efforts like the National Grape and Wine Initiative.

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