Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bangor Daily News Praises Cellardoor Winery

Cellardoor Vineyard: 'This is a way to unwind'With 14 varieties and connections to community, Lincolnville gem exemplifies Maine's burgeoning wine industry
By Emily BurnhamBDN Staff

The symbol displayed prominently throughout the property and incorporated into the logo of Cellardoor Vineyard in Lincolnville features two outward-facing half-circles split by a vertical line, and connected by a horizontal one. According to historical lore, hobos would carve this symbol into abandoned spaces during the 1930s to indicate that the space was safe and welcoming.

When she spotted that symbol carved into an old barn door on the vineyard property, Cellardoor owner and operator Bettina Doulton did a little research and discovered its history. The sentiment behind the secret code was just the kind of thing she wanted to impress upon her guests.

“We want folks to feel welcome as soon as they walk in here. This is a place to get away from stress, from work, from the daily grind,” said Doulton, who has run Cellardoor since 2007. “This is a way to unwind. It’s a place to feel welcome. That’s what we pride ourselves on.”
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