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November Will Be New Jersey Wine Month

from The Cape May Herald
May 12, 2005
TRENTON — Legislation Assemblymen Nelson Albano and Matt Milam sponsored to promote New Jersey wineries by declaring November as “New Jersey Wine Month” was signed into law on May 6.

New Jersey is the fifth largest producer of wine in the country, and the winemaking industry contributes approximately $1.3 million each year to New Jersey’s economy. Wine produced in the state continues to be recognized and win awards both nationally and internationally.

There are three wineries in Cape May County: Natali Vineyards, in Goshen; Cape May Winery, in Town Bank; and Turdo Winery, in North Cape May.

“New Jersey’s wines, wineries, and vineyards are an important part of the state’s agricultural diversity, tourism and economy,” Albano said. “Other states have identified one month every year as the state’s ‘Wine Month,’ successfully increasing awareness of state-produced wines and promoting visits to local wineries and vineyards. New Jersey should do nothing less, too.”

New Jersey is host to more than 30 wineries in nearly every county, cultivating more than 40 varieties of grapes and producing more than 100 different varieties of wine. New Jersey’s agriculture tourism is enhanced by the estimated 235,000 visitors who annually attend events and festivals hosted by the state’s wineries Albano and Milam said the law will help recognize the importance of wineries to the state.

“New Jersey will be better able to promote wine tourism and improve sales and awareness of New Jersey wines, wineries and vineyards,” Milam said.

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Albano, Milam Bill Creates State Wine Month
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