Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bert Basignani of Basignani Winery

For twenty one years, Bert and Lynne Basignani and their children have been growing and making variety of exceptional wines on their vineyard located off Falls Road in Sparks, Maryland. The pure love of drinking wine was what brought Bert’s curiosity to make his own wine to drink as an amateur. After a successful career in the construction business, Bert decided to begin a winery.

The grapes were planted nine years prior to the winery opening in 1986. The Basignanis were encouraged by other Maryland wineries and friends to continue their growing and winemaking. “We became caught in the whole aspect of making it and starting up the winery, but people were interested,” Lynne says of she and her husband turning their interests into a lifestyle and career.

Each year, Bert produces 4,000 cases of wine. On the 18 acre vineyard, Bert grows a variety of different grapes that produce eleven different varieties of wine. Bert manages two vineyards off-site, allowing for many more winemaking options. Along with Bert’s favorite, Cabernet Sauvignon, he also makes Merlot, as well as three sweeter wines, Riesling, Vidal and Blush. The Basignanis have created four wines named after their children, one white, Elena and three reds, Marisa, Lorenzino and Erik's Big Zin.