Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plymouth Winery Raspberry

The Plymouth Winery specializes in intensely-flavored fruit and grape wines, ranging from Apple and Cranberry to Syrah and Raspberry. Their grape wines are traditionally crafted using wild yeasts, which allows them to minimize the types and amounts additives (sulfites) typically utilized to control the fermentation process and to stabilize the wine. Their grape wines are cold-stabilized during the New England winter. Locally grown cranberries are used to make their signature Cranberry Wine and Cranberry Blush. Their grape wines are made with both New York and California varietals.

Massachusetts based winemaker and owner, Linda Shumway, has won four medals in the last two years. Award-winning wines include a Chardonnay blend, Raspberry, Blueberry, and Blackberry. Linda was a multi-medal winner at the Big E state fair!

I tried the Gold Medal Winner Raspberry. I was worried it might be too cloyingly sweet. But it was not as sweet as I thought, with lots of fresh fruit and acidity to balance out such a big, flavorful wine, with a rich berry taste. Great to use for a kir or kir royale. Nice job!