Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nimble Hill Vidal Riesling 2007

The Winery is owned by Gary and Ellie Toczko and is the definition of a "family" winery. The Toczko’s have four children, daughter Mya, and triplets, Maggie, Haley (daughters), and Jacob (son). The family also includes Jillian, a golden retriever that likes to eat grape skins and help in the vineyard. Gary and Ellie opened the winery to have a business where they can work with and alongside their family, whether it be tending vines, crushing grapes, making wine, or minding the tasting room in Tunkhannock.

Gary Toczko, Owner

The varieties currently planted at Nimble Hill are, Edelweiss, St. Croix, Landot Noir, and Riesling. There are plans to plant additional acreage of Riesling and other varieties, such as Vidal and Lemberger.

The 2007 Nimble Hill Vidal Riesling is a wonderful wine. 80% Vidal Blanc and 20% Riesling results in a clean crisp white wine. Refreshing. Delicious. A real winner and a nice blend!