Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I came to the Philadelphia/Valley Forge area to attend Wineries Unlimited. While in town, I stopped by the King of Prussia Mall. I had to make a stop for my day job (a store visit to a customer), and to stop at Clover Hill. This well known Pennsylvania winery has had a maall destination for little over nine years. And I've been coming here since 2002, on and off, and so I decided to stop by.

The store was choc-a-bloc with wine knick-knacks and other sundry items. It is a handsome and well maintained store. I have seen it during the holiday season - it's enough to give any winery owner incredible pangs of envy.

But what of the wine?

Well, I was on a personal mission of my own, but decided to try a few things, and be open minded. I tried the Niagra, a wine not unknown to me. It was classic, with that big, grapey smell, and fresh fruit flavor. Hand squeezed grapes in a glass. Very nice. I also tried a DeChanauc. It was a deep purpley red, finished semi-sweet. I am not a big sweet red drinker, but I had my reasons. In all, it wasn't bad, and I could see why it might be a popular wine.

But the biggest and mosst pleasant surprise were the 2005 Chambourcin and the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon. The chambourcin was delicious. A sophisticated light-to-medium bodied, dry red wine. Nice cherry notes. A touch of vanilla. A dry finish. Very smooth.

The Cabernet Sauvignon was not of the California ilk. But it was lovely nonetheless. It also exhibited touches of vanilla and beautiful ruby color. A nice touch of tannin. A medium-bodied dry red wine. A very good food wine.

I bought two bottles of the Chambourcin (a very impressive version of the grape), and headed off to find the nearet Spencers (after all, I am at mall).