Saturday, December 27, 2008

Channel 36 (Albany) Reports NY State Wine Industry Could Face Cuts

State Wine Industry Could Face Cuts (SEE VIDEO BELOW)
Ted Fioraliso

December 26, 2008

WATKINS GLEN -- Continuing coverage now of Governor David Paterson's proposed budget, and its effects on the Southern Tier -- the state's lucrative wine industry could see funding cuts and higher taxes.
The governor wants to nearly triple the excise tax on wine, from 19-cents to 51-cents per gallon.
Seneca Lake Winery Association executive director Paul Thomas says the proposal is frustrating, but it's not as devastating as the governor's proposal to eliminate most of the spending for promoting the sale of wine, grapes, and apples. The New York Wine and Grape Foundation is responsible for the industry's promotions -- they've developed marketing campaigns like "Uncork New York.”
“Having them be completely drained of their public funding will definitely adversely impact the growth curve we've enjoyed the past several years,” said Thomas. “[But] it does not impact our ability to survive and thrive quite frankly. We're going to keep doing what we do."
Thomas says business on the Seneca Lake trail this year was about the same as in 2007.