Tuesday, November 18, 2008

THE WINE CLASSROOM Great New Blog on Wines Around the Mason-Dixon Line

The Wine Classroom

I found a great new blog that caters to the Mason Dixon Line...that's Pennsylvania and Maryland (Delaware and W. Virginia too most forget)for all those of you who forgot your early American history classes. It's call The Wine Classroom.

This is the ultimate resource for those looking for winery information, reviews, and news about Pennsylvania and Maryland wineries.

It's written by Paul Vigna, who writes of himself, "A reporter/editor who has picked grapes during harvest at Basignani Winery and looked forward to the barrel tasting and library sale at Woodhall Wine Cellars, both in Maryland, and bopped around the Uncork York and Brandywine Valley Wine Trails in Pennsylvania. Using this forum as almost a wine beat, educating others as I learn about wine, winemaking and the business of growing and then harvesting the grape." And all his articles are attributed to "The Wine Novice" I like this guy already!

Interesting, no?

While he dishes mostly on regional, he goes outside as well. But his main focus is local wines. That's great news who all who follow that region, as the wine news from there is vastly under reported. There are some wonderful wineries on both sides of the line in that region, from Chaddsford and Crossings to Va La and then down on into Maryland like Basignani, Woodhall and Elk Run, and others.

He's also got some great Thanksgiving Day wine suggestions....better get 'em while they available. This is the time of year when wineries run out!

Go see it for yourself! http://pawinenovice.blogspot.com

Great going, Paul. And keep in touch!

p.s. e's hard to get a photo of....