Thursday, October 30, 2008


In effect, it was all the usual suspects. But one has to hand it to Stevenson and his crew, at least they're pointing out the great wines that are being produced in the east, where other "so called" guides don't mention them at all.

Several places have different takes on it. Lenndevours took it from the New York perspective. And I have a lot of respect for his opinions. You should read his blog on the subject:

All-in-all, a good showing. Congrats to:

New York took the five top spots with Dr. Konstantin Frank, Wolffer, Bedell, Lenz, and Paumanok. I feel Raphael kinda got passed over here. But I'm not sure who'd I knock out.

Linden and Barboursville took the 6th and 7th spots. I really like both these wineries. I especially love Barboursville Nebbiolo, and several other of their deep red varietals. Maybe the best red wines on the east coast, outside of a couple of NY State wines. THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT VIRGINIA IS CHALLENGING NY FOR EAST COAST DOMINANCE IN SUPERIOR WINEMAKING. AND THEY ARE MAKING A GOOD RUN AT IT. AND THEY HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE'S ATTENTION.

Chaddsford took the 8th spot. Eric (son of Benmarl's Mark Miller) and Lee Miller make great wines. Their Merican is a wonderful wine. And the stable of wines is consistent across the board. Whenever you go to the Brandywine area in PA, you have t stop there. However, French Creek (for sparkling wine and Va La are both pushing Chaddsford in the region, as is Blue Mountain.

L. Mawbey is a popular choice. They have received rave reviews from Stevenson's report before, as well as by other North American wine guides, including Kevin Zraly. I've taste their sparkling wine, and it's really wonderful.

Sakonnet is one of my all time favorite wineries. Their ice wines are excellent. Their Vidal Blanc is unquestionably the best in the US, and they have a wonderful sparkling wine. A very impressive winery. And one of the largest on the east coast. More New Yorkers should be trying them.