Monday, August 04, 2008

Two Great East Coast Wine Pioneers Join With Wines & Vines - Hudson Cattell and Linda Jones McKee

Thursday, July 17, 2008
Sandra Silfven
Champion of Eastern wineries starts a new chapter

It's an end and a new beginning for a trusty, bimonthly wine magazine called Wine East.

Wines & Vines magazine announced last week that the content of Wine East will roll into a new special Eastern section of the monthly magazine beginning in September.

It's a win-win for the two publications: The burden for just two people, along with contributing editors, to produce Wine East will be eased, and winemaking east of the Rockies will finally be recognized on a regular basis in a major monthly wine magazine.

The July-August issue of Wine East is the last, and caps a long run: Since its first issue in May 1981, Wine East has published scholarly articles on everything from winemaking, viticulture and research to profiles of wineries.

"Change is inevitable in everyone's life, and it is happening in ours," said Wine East editors Hudson Cattell and Linda Jones McKee in a letter to friends. With Cattell in his 70s and Jones McKee entering the Social Security age bracket, they were feeling the stress of the workload, which also included production, advertising and circulation. Now, with those duties in other hands, Cattell might even have time to finish his long-awaited book on the history of the Eastern wine industry since Prohibition.

Wine East Magazine Joins Forces With Wines & Vines
Monthly insert to serve readers and advertisers across North America
by Wines & Vines staff

Hudson Cattell and Linda Jones McKee
PHOTO: John P. HerrSan Rafael, Calif. -- Wine East, the wine industry magazine covering Eastern North America, is joining forces with Wines & Vines magazine, bringing better and more frequent coverage of eastern grapegrowing and winemaking to the pages of the broader-based publication. Beginning with the September issue of Wines & Vines, Hudson Cattell and Linda Jones McKee, the editors and owners of Wine East who founded the magazine 27 years ago, will provide wine industry editorial content exclusively to Wines & Vines.

Wine East subscribers accustomed to receiving bi-monthly issues of Wine East now will get news and industry information twice as often, when the insert appears in the monthly issues of Wines & Vines. Wine East advertisers will reach the same Wine East readers as before, in addition to accessing readers to Wines & Vines.

The transition of Wine East from a stand-alone publication to a monthly insert will allow Cattell and Jones McKee to continue providing relevant information to eastern grapegrowers and vintners, while relieving the two founders of many administrative and circulation duties.

"The partnership with Wine East brings to bear the seasoned talents of Hudson Cattell and Linda Jones McKee on stories and trends that are especially relevant to the eastern region. It's great to have them on our team, said Jim Gordon, editor of Wines & Vines. "At the same time, the eastern readers will get a broader view of their profession from the extensive coverage of industry-wide issues that Wines & Vines continually covers."

The explosive growth of North American wineries in recent years--more than 6,000 bonded and virtual wineries are listed in the Wines & Vines print/online directory--has encouraged Wines & Vines to increase its coverage of issues relevant to the wine industry in the central, northwestern and eastern regions of North America, as well as California.

"Industry members in each region have their own challenges and need their own solutions," said Chet Klingensmith, publisher of Wines & Vines.