Sunday, July 06, 2008

Le Trois Emme in the Bershires Has a Great Tastingroom Experience

Le Trois Emme is named for the three grand daughters of the owner. Don't feel sorry for his grandson, he had a wine named after him. Dominique and I went to the Clark Museum in Williamstown, Massachusetts. We decided to go a little out of our way on the ride home, and visit Le Trois Emme Winery & Vineyard in New Marlborough, Massachusetts. It's only a stone's through from the New York state line. And the ride is beautiful.

When you first enter, a table of their award winning wines greets you, along with an assortment of tapenades and spreads as well as flavored olive oils, all available for purchase.

Invariably were were welcomed by several of owners' J. Wayne and Mary Jane Eline's daughters who run the tasting room with precision and a sense of humor. Immediately one gets the sense of being a part of the family.

A tasting notes sheet, a pen, and a glass await you at the bar, and one of Wayne's daughters jokes, "We'll tell you what to drink, what to eat, and when to do it." They're only half kidding. The tasting consisted of six of their wines, though several other were available for sale, but not tasting.

The fun really begins when you see that behind the bar they are preparing plates of food! Small canapes and tasty snacks. As the plates are delivered to you, the first wine is poured, the Seyval Blanc. We were then "ordered" to taste the wine, take a bite of our baked pot sticker or dumpling, and then taste another sip of wine. It was a great experience!

We then tasted a Cayuga along with a double-cheese melt on a thin slice of rye; their Nick Jackson Blush with nothing (boo!); their Shiraz-Cabernet with a roasted pepper and feta spread on a cracker; their Old Vine Zinfandel with salmon and a creamy cheese on a cracker, and the Berkshire Red with a spicy quesadilla.

Arguing which pairing I thought would have gone better could go on for days with no real better anwer. All the tasting experiences were lovely.

All the wines were very drinkable. They are an award winning winery, so you're not going to go too wrong. Dominique and I both liked the Seyval. We thought it had nice charachter to it. Solid grapefruit-y ending. Very nice and crisp.

We also both liked the blush. It's a very light red wine, and dry as a bone. Very crisp and delicious when served cold. Very nice. A very sophistacated dark rose'.

The Old Vine Zinfandel is a Gold Medal winner, and the Bershire Red is a Syrah blended with Centurion. I liked the Berkshire Red the best of the three. A great food wine.

As tastingroom experiences go, I thought it better than many which seem to be in a rush to get your five dollars, throw you a few sips of wine, and push you to the cash register. This is a much more enjoyable atmosphere. And a lot fo fun!

Le Trois Emme is a delightful find in the Bershire Mountains.

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