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To eco-friendly: Think globally, drink locally
By Sonia Turek / In Your Glass
Wednesday, June 4, 2008 - Updated 15d 3h ago
Boston Herald

You try hard to be today’s green consumer. You buy carbon offsets for your yearly vacations; you shop at local farm stands. Then you go ahead and drink French wine.

Have you even thought of the energy it takes to get that bottle from Bordeaux to your back yard?

If you’re going green - and even if you’re not - consider drinking locally. It’s not hard at all to find delicious New England wines.

Greenvale Vineyards is a family-run Rhode Island winery that makes a host of whites and reds from fruit grown on its 24 acres.

The dry, crisp vidal blanc ($14), peachy Skipping Stone White ($13) and Bordeaux-style cabernet franc ($25) are all excellent bottles to try.

Massachusetts’ Westport Rivers winery is well-known for bubblies; the Blanc de Blancs (1999, $30) is a sure winner. But it also makes fine still wines, including a light, fruity pinot blanc (2006, $15) and mellow Rkatsiteli (2006, $19).

Rhode Island’s Sakonnet Vineyards is another often-touted producer. Its appealing bottles include two variations on vidal blanc: the oak-aged, toasty fume vidal (2006, $16) and a honeyed Winterwine (2005, $25).

Running Brook Vineyards is one of the newer New England wineries, and its bottles are harder to find. But its un-oaked chardonnay (2005, $10) - clean, bright, fruit-forward - is well-worth the hunt. Or even the energy-burning drive down to North Dartmouth.

Why not minimize your gas-guzzling, and visit several local wineries on the same trip? Check out for directions to these and more.

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