Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bashakill Vineyard Makes Great Reds

BashaKill Vineyards is Sullivan County’s first commercial winery. It is owned by Paul Denino. Set in a picturesque region of the Catskills, Bashakill Vineyards got its start in the spring of 2005. Two varieties of vines, Noiret and Cayuga White, both of which are American hybrids developed at Cornell University, were planted in the Spring of 2006.

I met Paul at the 2nd Annual Rip Van Winkle Wine and Cheese Festival just this last weekend. His vineyard is on a slight slope which flows down to the Bashakill wetlands. The proximity to the Bashakill wetlands provides ideal conditions for growing. The moist, warmer air off of the wetlands pushes the colder air off the vineyard and provides a blanket, protecting the vines from the early frosts so commonly found in this region.

Their expected first harvest will be in 2008. Until their vineyard grapes are ready, they are buying grapes directly from the Finger Lakes and the Hudson Valley.

I tasted three wines:
Blue Heron $13 made from 100% Chancellor grapes aged in American oak
Bowfin $14 Blend of 75% Noiret, 25% Chancellor aged in American oak
Copperhead $14.00 Hudson Valley Pinot Noir, grapes grown in Rhineback, NY
I liked all three. All three were for serious red wine drinkers who like solid, well-made dry red wines. This new vineyard and winery are serious about making good wines…and Paul seems like the real deal. They are not far from Warwick Valley Winery. Go check it out.

Bashakill Vineyards
1131 South Rd
Wurtsboro, NY12790
Phon: 845-888-5858
Email: info@bashakillvineyards.com