Sunday, March 30, 2008

Macari Bergen Road

So, last night we had a few friends for dinner. After working hard on our farm upstate all day, we were all looking forward to a nice dinner.

Dominique made a Algerian Style Lamb Stew from the Cabbie Cookbook. We had a lovely salad and an assortment of rustic local breads. Before we started, we nibbled on deviled eggs, and two fabulous cheeses - a St. Auger and Pie D'Angloys with assorted crackers and breads.

As guests we had two sets of poeple. Matt and Natalka Wiesmantel (he is Senior Director of Campus Information Services, Rutgers, and she is a professor of music at Gloucester College)and Gary Mitchel (Queens Historical Farm - where he oversees, among many things, the vineyards there) and Tina Manko (adjunct history profesor at Ramapo).

It was an excellent mix of folks. Gary's a former Hollywood director and producer, as well as an expert in history (as is Tina), and Matt is a gardening and history fanatic. The Weismantel's have helped us on our farm for two years now. We cannot thank them enough.

While we started the evening off with a Kistler Chardonnay, sitting around our country table, noshing on deviled eggs and cheese (it was exquisite), we talked about vineyards, plants, history, and music. And we drank a lot of wine. We had a thrilling bottle of Turley with the lamb stew.

One of the most memorable wines was brought by Gary - a 2002 Macari Bergen Road. It was a big red. It had a big nose full of cherries up front. A touch of fruit on the tongue. It also had some tabacco and some vanilla. It had nice acidity and finished dry and delicious. We decanted it, and it became more and more beatiful the longer it sat. Unfortunately, it didn't last that long.

It was excellent with the cheese, but it was lovely all by itself as well. A great wine. We all commente on how much we liked it - and that was in some pretty big company. Congrats to the folks at Macari!