Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hudson Valley WIne & Grape Association Launch "Hudson Heritage White"

The Hudson Valley Grape Growers Association has selected Seyval Blanc as the primary grape for wines that will qualify for the new designation, with Vignoles, Vidal or Cayuga White allowed for blending. In time consumers will see wines labeled "Hudson Heritage White" and the wine will be a light and easy-drinking white wine.

As you go wine tasting in the Hudson Valley you will run across a white wine called "Hudson Heritage White." This wine is available at many of the wineries. Although the same name, each winery will craft their own version of "Hudson Heritage White."

What does that mean...It is common practice in France for regions to have a clearly defined wine styles, with strict parameters established and enforced for grapes and blends that qualify. The growers in the Hudson Valley are using that platform to build their own identity and understanding for Hudson Valley Wines.

The purpose of Hudson Valley Wine & Grape Association is to increase the quality and quantity of wine and grape production in the Hudson Valley through education, knowledge, networking and cooperation. The membership consists of producers of grapes (wine, table or juice) and wines (grape and fruit) in the Hudson Valley whose product is defined by the unique macro climate and terrain of the Hudson Valley.
The Hudson Valley Wine & Grape Association demonstrates and highlights the quality of the region's grapes and wines and the growing interest the public has for them and wines from the valley's cool viticultural growing region.

Not all, but many of the wienries already made a seyval blanc. It was already a signature wine of the Hudson River Valley. But the idea is to help create a group of signature wines, already individually popular with consumers, in order to help people appreciate the wines coming from the valley.

A list of seyval blancs from the region will be another posting.