Sunday, March 02, 2008

East Coast Wine Reading Table

(first in a series of two articles)

I am a big fan of collecting, and reading, as many books as I can on wine. And I am a freak about collecting anything eastcoast. There are many great books on wine, the vineyard experience, and winemaking, as well as excellent guides to wine in this region. I give you a list of books you should know about.


The Vineyard by Louisa Hargrave
An exceptionaly wonderfl tale of Louisa and Alex Hargrave's establishing of the first vineyard in Long Island.

A Gentleman's Game by Mark Miller
A tale of high art and design as well as hard work and sweat, as famous illustrator takes on farming in the Hudson Valley and establishes one of the signature wineries and a winemaking dynasty.

The Vintage Years: The Saga of High Tor Vineyards by Everett Crosby
This is a wonderful book about Everett S. Crosby's exploits in building the most famous winery east of the Rockies from 1950 to 1971. Excellent.

Philip Wagner
Wagner is a special person. He was a reporter and then editor of the Baltimore Sun and established Boordy Vineyards outside of Baltimore, Maryland. He wrote seveal great books. The first is about making wine, and the other is about establishing vineyards. These were powerful books in their day, and there are few eastcoast winemakers who are about 35-40 years of age who don't know who Wagner was and how important his influence was on generations of winemakers. Very influetential.