Friday, February 22, 2008

In the Guest Room With Williamsburg Winery's Two Shilling Red

I am going to be in serious trouble this evening. It's been a rather cold, very cold, and wet time in the old town today. It was a snow day for the, the wife, and the kids.

I've spent all day working in my barn, working from home, and depressed as can be. It's cold and gray, and I have the late February early March blahhhs. So I was sitting in the barn, where we have an old, spare computer, feeling sorry for myself, and I clicked on a few of my favorite wine blogs. An interesting article here...something sorta cool there. A new blog. OK And then suddenly it hit me - it must be 5 o'clock somewhere. Indeed it was...right there in my kitchen.

Now, my wife is out shopping for dinner this evening. We're supposed to have salmon steaks, a light salad, and some fresh baguettes. Also, we'll be starting the evening off by sitting in front of the fireplace (while the kids play Game Cube in their room) with a beautiful heart shaped piece of aged goat cheese from Coach Farms - one of my favorite cheeses.

But thinking of this led me to ruin. Suddenly, charged with coming up with the wine selection, and after reading about wine on an empty stomach, I went searching. And then I found, and then I couldn't resist. And here am writing - breaking the cardinal rule of the Internet - don't drink and blog!

So I found one wine, which I thought might be a nice accompaniment with our fish this evening, and I decided, for whatever reason, that I should open the bottle to let it breathe. And then I decided I should maybe take a taste. Oh my! Half a bottle in and here I am. Oooops! Pardon me.

Fortuitously, the wine I opened was Williamsburg Winery's Two Shilling Red.

Williamsburg Winery is Virginia’s largest winery with an annual production of some 60,000 cases. With approximately 100 wineries in Virginia, the Williamsburg Winery accounts for almost one-quarter of all wine production in Virginia. That's a lot!
The Williamsburg Winery was established in 1985 by the Duffeler family. The first wine produced, Governor’s White, was released in 1988 and won a Gold Medal within two weeks.

To say that the winery is picturesque is like saying that Audrey Hepburn was pretty. But more importantly, since one can't take the grounds and vineyards home with them, their wine is very good.

The irony here is that Two Shilling Red is far from the top of their line.It is not one of their reserve wines. It's very affordable at $7.99 in fact. It is a medium-bodied premium blend. Similar in weight to the lighter wines of Beaujolais.

As advertised, this wine is a light bodied blend, meant to be served young, and slightly chilled, with cheeses, pizza, pastas, and smoked ham. It has a lovely nose like a bowl full of cherries and vanilla, without any overt sweetness. But it is light and lively in the mouth, and a slightly dry finish. It is a wonderful little wine, full of flavor and very light. An excellent accomplishment.

According to their website: "In 1621, when “ancient planter” John Johnson recorded his 100 acres located on Archer’s Hope, the 300 acre farm where the Winery now stands, his “fee rent” to the Crown was two shillings. The name John Johnson is found on the document identifying the first settlers, including Capt. John Smith." A copy of the original document is on exhibit in the museum there at the winery.

Suffice to say, one sip led to another and now, the wine meant to go with our main course is more or less finished. And I can laugh now, but I know my days are numbered because I just heard my wife's car door slam, and the dogs have stopped barking. Just about now she will see the half devoured bottle on the counter, and I know that unless I come up with something good, I may be sleeping in the guest room this evening.