Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baiting Hollow Farm Cabernet Sauvignon

As usual, I was perusing the shelves at one of my favorite stores [McAdams Buy Rite on 3rd Avenue (a great Long Issland selection of wines)] when I spied a wine I had never tried before - Baiting Hollow Farm Cabernet Sauvignon. To say the least - I was thrilled. I always love finding a new wine. I'm like a little kid.

I came home tonight trudging through the wind, and sleet, and snow. Dominique and I had decided we would curl up in front of the fireplace and watch the Westminster Dog show, which we had attended the first half the night before. I had said I would have Special K for dinner in an ill-fated attempt to lose weight. A dinner of breaded chicken cutlets, spinach, and fresh egg noodles, which Dom had prepared, persuaded me that I would sideline my attempts at weight reduction for a later day. Tonight, instead, we would try the Baiting Hollow Farm wine.

According to the website, "During the 1980's, Sam Rubin ventured to eastern Long Island and acquired what has since become the beautiful Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard ("BHFV"). Sam, a lifelong farmer and naturalist, began to till the soil, the basis for all great wines, using only organic compost and other natural ingredients. This approach, the acquisition of fine French vines, the rather hospitable climate of the region, along with his vision and hard work, remain the foundation for BHFV's rather exceptional wine."

While the website doesn't say who the winemaker is, Lenndevours back in Spetember 2006 noted that Tom Drozd, former Palmer Vineyards winemaker, noted that Drozd had "been making wine for Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard."

The website went onto say about the Cabernet Sauvignon, that it was "made from carefully selected fruit from the northernmost section of our vineyard...and placed into stainless steel tanks during fermentation. After 10-14 days, the resulting wine is separated from its skins and the first free run is placed into small oak barriques of which 20% are new American barrels. After 14- 18months of oak aging under careful supervision, with quarterly racking to assure quality, the wine is bottled."

The wine had a deep red color as promised. To me, the nose came across as strwberries and vanilla. A fabulous nose. I could not shake the strawberry, but still I did get some darker fruits as well. The wine was beautifully balanced, with a great taste and a fabulous finish. I liked this wne very much.

The photos from the website seem to show a beautiful farm, with gorgeous vines and beautiful vistas. A great place for an event or wedding. Anyway, I defintely thought this went well with the final big round of Westminster and with the nice dinner and the fireplace. But more than anything, rare for a school night, we finnished the bottle - a good sign.


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