Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sakonnet Rhode Island Red 2004

The train was taking forever. I had gotten on at Penn Station and was getting off in Hudson, NY. The train ride seemed to take forever since the cabin temperature was set to broil. I was dying. On top of it, we had gotten sidetracked because of late trains coming the other way. And when the train finally let out at the Hudson station I was 40 minutes late. Needless to say I was less than generous with slow driving locals who were impeding my way to see my wife and kids and the dogs.

Finally I was home. And my wife had prepared for me a lovely meal of grilled kolbasi, fresh peas and campanella pasta all tossed with butter and cheese and salt and pepper. We needed a nice wine to celebrate my long journey to my family.

Amonst the many bottles lay one I had not yet tried and Dominique, my long suffering wife, was willing to give it a try. Sakonnet Rhode Island Red 2004. It comes in a burgundy style bottle with a cool label. The wine looked lighter in the bottle than when it poured. It had a deep ruby color and silky tannins. The blueberry and boysenberry, violet and lilac, all came through, as well as a touch of oak. It was a much more serious wine than we suspected. Dominique was impressed, and she's a much harsher critic than I.

The label was created by a team of artists from the Rhode Island School of Design's Graphic Design Graduate Student Studio.

Needless to sa, it was an excellent accompaniment to our rustic little dish and homecoming, and we downed the bottle happily.