Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fredrick Wine Trail Opens in Maryland

The Frederick Wine Trial is made up of six wineries and their combined 120 acres of vineyards. Together these wineries are responsible for over half of Maryland’s wine production. With the Frederick Wine Trail, you are invited to discover some of Frederick County’s best agricultural bounty: its beautiful vineyards and outstanding wines. From the cluster of four wineries in the outskirts of Mt. Airy to the edge of Montgomery County and even in downtown Frederick, you will find a wide selection of fine wines, warm hospitality and a glimpse of the ancient art of wine making.

Frederick County’s unique and varied landscape makes it an excellent site for grape growing. Vineyard site selection is the first critical step in the process of growing grapes for fine wines, and our county, in the heart of the Maryland piedmont, is a unique area where rocky soils and rolling hills create a perfect climate to ripen some of the finest wine grapes. Frederick County is the only county that hosts all 3 of Maryland’s American Viticultural Areas (AVAs): Catoctin, Linganore and Cumberland. As soils, sun, and climate change from place to place, a single variety will produce different flavors. The French refer to this phenomenon as terroir, or the taste of the soil and the growing environment as is manifests itself in the flavors of the finished wine. As you move from winery to winery, you will be able to taste the variety of flavors as diverse as the six wineries themselves.

Geographically, the trail is compact enough to allow visits to all the wineries in one day. However, with the many attractions that this historic area has to offer, ranging from Civil War battlefields to Revolutionary War era houses and fabulous antique shops, we encourage you to plan a few weekends to enjoy the offerings of each winery at a leisurely pace. Visit each winery’s events page for more details on how you can spend a day learning more about the tradition of growing grapes and making fine wine that has been a part of Frederick County for over thirty years.

Wineries include:
Linganore Winecellars
Black Ankle Vineyards
Elk Run
Frederick Cellars
Loew Vineyards
Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard