Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Treleaven and Palmer Vineyards Take Home 2007 Grand Harvest Gold

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Jim Tresize wrote, "TRELEAVEN 2006 SEMI-DRY RIESLING is off to a good start this year, earning two consecutive Gold medals in the Florida and Grand Harvest competitions, the latter held recently in Sonoma , CA . PALMER VINEYARDS 2005 CHARDONNAY also took a gold, with both wines leading their categories in terms of New York winnings that included many Silver and Bronze medals as well. The Grand Harvest Awards competition, sponsored by Vineyard & Winery Management magazine which also organizes the upcoming Wineries Unlimited trade show and the International Eastern Wine Competition, is a uniquely challenging test for us wine judges. In addition to evaluating each wine as a candidate for various medals, we are asked in certain flights to identify distinguishable characteristics of a particular “terroir”—the combination of soil, climate, and other elements that make (for example) Finger Lakes Rieslings different from German, Alsatian or Washington Rieslings. In the wines we taste, we look for certain clues of fruitness, minerality, earthiness or other qualities, and then we guess (often incorrectly, but not always) as to their origins. It leads to very lively discussions, and in my case a lot of education. It’s a fun way of learning."
Thanks for the update Jim, and it sounds like you're having too much fun.