Monday, February 26, 2007


What an absolutely bad blogger and blogger buddy I've been recently. Here is the biggest news in New York wine in the last few years, and I completely missed it. Lenn Thompson, better known as Lenndevours, has started a wine club. It's an exciting partnership he's entered into with Greene Grape Wine Company (in Manhattan and Brooklyn).

If you've been trying to find some of the New York State wines that people have been talking about and you can't, now is your chance. Lenn is completely plugged in. He gets all the best releases and works closely with many New York State wineries already with his blog. Now he's able to share with everyone the tasting notes on some of the best wines that New York has to offer. This is cult wine gone to the next level!!!

And this has been going on and I missed it!

March will mark the 4th shipment for the club, past selections include:
Introductory Selections: Shinn Estate Vineyards NV Red and Hermann Wiemer 2005 Dry Riesling
January Selections: Chateau Frank 2000 Brut and Standing Stone Vineyards 2004 Vidal Ice
February Selections: Roanoke Vineyards 2004 Blend Two (unreleased) and Macari Vineyards 2006 Early Wine

There's a few in here I haven't been able to get my hands on like the Standing Stone Vidal Ice and the Roanoke Blend Two. Very cool.

So I finally caught up with my good buddy, and started peppering him with some questions:
"Basically, when people sign up (either for monthly or quarterly shipments) they get the New York wines that I choose sent directly to their door. It's an idea whose time has definitely come and I'm excited that we've already had great response from wine lovers all over the country--from the East End of Long Island all the way out to California wine country and the Bay Area," Lenn told me recently.

"My goal is to get New York wines, which I'm passionate about, into the hands of people who may not be able to get them otherwise," Lenn continued. "It's NY state only because that's my sweet spot. I know the wines extremely well and this is the first club of its kind."

"And, because I'm not making any financial gain, our members can trust that my selections are based on nothing more than the wines I'm loving and excited about right now….I want to get [these wines] into more peoples' hands. Even in New York state itself, it can be hard to find New York wines at your local wine shop. I want to help change that."

Response from the public has been good after only a soft launch to work out the kinks. But things are going great guns now. I asked Lenn what the response was from the wineries themselves. "So far wineries have been really enthusiastic. Several LI wineries have offered me exclusives that are usually reserved for their wine club. In fact, this month's shipment includes a red blend from Roanoke Vineyards that won't be released until late spring. "

And what sates can or can you not ship to? "Greene Grape cannot ship wine to IN, KY, MD, NH, PA, TN and UT at this time. Every other state is fair game, however."

You can read more about the club in my announcement:
Go Now!!!!!