Monday, February 19, 2007

Adieu New Year's Eve, Gray Ghost Adieu

So, we were cleaning out our mud room in our house, and I came across a wine bottle Dominique had attempted to throw away that I had saved, empty though it was, because I had wanted to write about it.

"Bottles go in that bag over there," Dominique said without much emotion. But I was as happy as one of my little boys who'd found an old favorite Hot Wheels gathering dust under one of our numerous old radiators.

"So this is where it is!" I said, as if I had just found the fountain of youth.

Dominique and I had shared the bottle on New Year's Eve with some friends of ours while we all greedily dug into our creme brules. It was a bottle of Gray Ghost Adieu, 2003 Late Harvest Vidal. All four of us were impressed with dessert, but the dark golden liquid that came from the bottle drew raves as well. It had apricot and honey and a touch of caramel, and a touch of sour apple. It was a delicious nectar with just enough acidity.

New Years Eve is but a distant memory at this point, as we round the bend on the end of February. Can it be the year is moving along so quickly? Can it be that my lust to embrace all my New Year's resolutions has already faded? I will not fit into my leather jacket from college? I will not read Stendahl's The Red and the Black as I promised myself? Have I watched less TV? And have I spent more time with my wife and children? Where does the time go?

I don't know of I want to relive New Year's Eve, nor do I think I have time to read Stendhal, and maybe my diet has already been forgotten, but there's always time for great wine, and Gray Ghost's Adieu is great wine.

Say Hello to Adieu. Make time for this fabulous Virginia wine.