Sunday, December 03, 2006

Uncle Robin's Favorite Sticky

Each Thanksgiving my brother-in-law Robin Hoover, a FCI grad, who's worked a numerous name restuarants in Manhattan, and who now resides in Vermont, attends the annual family feast. On several occassions he has saved it from falling into utter collapse. Burnt or underdone turkies, forgotten vegatables, another hand in the kitchen, he is a savoir each and every year.

Robin's favorites are Reisling, Gerwurtz, and Late Harvest sweet wines he calls "Stickies." My father-in-law, Robin's father, is also a fan of such wines, as are many others in our family.

Due to Robin's omnipresent saves, I always make sure to have several wines to his liking as a thanks for his giving. And this year was no different. I served several bottles of Late Harvest wines.

I served a bottle of Turdo Muscato from Cape May New Jersey, which was exceptional.

Another clear favorite (every one at the table asked if I was hiding more) was Bedell Celllars Red Raspberry Dessert Wine and their Late Harvest dessert wine as well.

All the wines were both tart and rich, but not overly sweet, and had nice acid. Robin and my father-in-law were very pleased. And that makes my wife, Dominique, happy, and when Dominique is happy, I can relax a lot more in front of the football games without getting hollered at after all that turkey.

Thank you Turdo Winery and Bedell Cellars....and Happy Holidays!