Sunday, October 22, 2006

Turis Chrdonnay and a Beautiful Fall Day

It was a beautiful day today. The sun was shining brightly, and the sky was blue. We have a large veranda on our circa 1880 white Victorian house. I recently had it painted. It looked marvelous. The white glossy finish sparkled. White trim and railings, and the floor gleamed. I had taken all the white wicker furniture, a dozen years, and fourteen separate pieces, and acrubbed and sprayed it all.

On Sunday, we reassembled the entire front porch. We unblocked the stairs, and put the shining white furniture around, and I put up a brand new white Victorian mailbox. There was an intense sense of accomplishment and success, even for something so simple.

With the boys in tow, we went off to visit Target and then Wegman’s to celebrate in the most suburban way possible - we shopped. Dominique bought a chicken, some butternut squash and some green beans and a great big loaf of fresh sourdough bread. We came home and the smell of the chicken invaded the house even as the boys and I practiced button-hook and post routes, myself throwing the football like Eli Manning. As the sun touched the tops of the trees with gold, we decided to call it quits. We went in and decided to watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. It was almost impossible as the chicken’s golden brown scent wafted through the house as Vince Garaldi’s melodies provided the score for my salivations.

When Dominique finally called us, me and my two sons would have gladly chewed on a piece of pine. White or red, Dominique and I questioned each other. Finally, after searching, I found a bottle of Turis 2003 Chardonnay. Aged in oak for six months, this chardonnay is clean and smooth, with just the right touch of vanilla and oak. An exquisite fresh wine.

We toasted, and I took my first bites, I savored each like I was in a French café. The skin was a crispy golden brown and the mashed butternut squash and fresh string beans were exquisite. And the white wine was good and cold and delicious.

Congratulations to Sal and Sara Turdo at Turdo Vineyards, and here’s to an exquisite simple elegant wine.