Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Anthony Road's Sweet Dream Aptly Named

Anthony Road Wine Company of Penn Yan, New York makes a wonderful dessert wine aptly named Sweet Dream.

It is a deep gold viscous dessert wine made from their vignoles grape. Anthony Road claims, "It is naturally balanced in sugar and acid so that thefruit characters are carried through the long finish." And I would have to agree.

I came home dog tired tonite, and Dominique asked if I wanted a glass of wine before we went to bed. I didn't want a light white, nor a deep one, and I wasn't interested in a red. But a dessert wine sounded just right.

The 2004 Sweet Dream took Double Gold at the International Eastern in May this year, and a Bronze medal earlier in April at the Golden Nose. In August the 2005 Sweet Dream took a Silver medal at the 2006 New York Wine & Food Classic.

Dominique picked a bottle from the fridge and opened it up. We like our dessert wines cold. And she brought two glasses up to bed, while we discussed the day and happily sipped the golden ambrosia. Not too sweet. Very tastey. And a great nite cap.

Sweet dreams.