Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Glenora Seyval Blanc Cools Off Our Summer

Dominique and I were in upstate New York last weekend, working hard outside in the fields of our new country home. The day was getting long and hard, and the tempeature was ising. The sun was rising higher and hotter. And the air was thickening with a slowly increasing humidity. And we were exhausted.

Inside, waitng for us was an icy cold bottle of Glenora Seyval Blanc. When we came in, to cool off, we doused ourselves with cool water and washed up, cut up som cheese and grabbed some glasses. We parked ourselves in the open livingroom, with dueling ocillating fans, and uncorked the sweating bottle.

Located on the tumbling western shore of New York's Seneca Lake, Glenora Wine Cellars was founded in 1977 shortly after the passage of New York's Farm Winery Bill. Glenora expanded and refined it's product line, Glenora had, by the end of its first decade, grown from a farm winery to a commercial producer. Glenora has grown from an annual production of 5,000 cases to 40,000 in recent years. In 1987, the winery under took a major expansion to accommodate increased production of top quality champagnes and premium table wines.

And now here we were, with our feet up on the coffee table, ready to put the day behind us. We were exhausted. The wine was cool and soothing. Vanilla and spices came through as advertised. It had wonderful citrus overtones. It was like a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc. Fabulous. One of the nicest Seyval Blancs we have ever had.

It's a wonderful wine, worthy of the Austalian and California Sauvignon Blancs and Itlian Pinot Grigios. Lemony and lipsmacking. So try some a cool off as summer heats up.