Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Channing Daughters 2005 Mudd Vineyard Cuvee Tropical Chardonnay

I went for a walk at lunch time this afternoon and decided to stop by McAdams Buy Rite Liquors and found a bottle of the Channing Daughters Tropical Chardonnay. I was alone this evening, the wife, the kids and the dogs all away. Just me and the television and a bottle of chilled Chardonnay. Instead of watching tv, I wandered out onto the porch.

All alone, I must admitt I was looking forward to the peace and quiet. I stood on the deck behind the house and relaxed as a warm breeze swept over the back yard. It was the 20th of June, one of the longest days of the year, and the sun was still out even after a long commute home from the city. I looked around our deck, a little worse for wear. Some of the stain needed touching up and some of the grass needed trimming along the brick pathway. My kids' swing set needed some repairs, and their bikes and skate boards dotted the lawn. I should use the moment to paint or clean up or repair. But I looked up at the late summer sky knowing that the longest days of the year were mostly behind me, and listened as the gentle summer breeze rustled the trees. My guilt over letting go of some of these responsibilites was replaced by a desire to enjoy the moment. And that's when I uncorked the wine.

The wine exploded with with pineapple, honeydew melon, apples, and citrus flavors.
According to Channing Daughters, itt was created almost entirely in a stainless steel tank with a small portion (10%) fermented wild on its own indigenous yeasts in two new French oak barriques (225L). All of the fruit was hand-harvested from the Mudd Vineyard on the North Fork and the wine is made from 100% Musque clone Chardonnay. Gently pressed in clusters and bottled by gravity on February 1, 2006.

I love my fmily, and I certainly missed them, but it's been a long time since I had this quiet a eveing. Was it the warm summer breeze? The sound of the trees waving back and forth as the fireflies slowly emerged as the sun began to set? Maybe....maybe not. But let me tell you this....I love this chardonnay. It is fabulous and you will love it too.
Chill a bottle and open it on your back porch.