Friday, May 12, 2006

Wine Spectator Lauds New York Wine in Cover Story!!!

The Wine Spectator's cover story for May 31, 2005 is an article entitled, New York Rising by Mitch Frank, the Time magazine editor that arrived at The Wine Spectator in 2005.

In their joint letter introducing the new issue, both Marvin Shakin, Editor and Publisher, and Thomas Matthews, Executive Editor, write, "You my have visited the Rhone, the Rhine and the Russian River Valley. Now it's time to explore the vineyards of New York."

"If you'd like to explore America's next great wine region, there's no need to look to the West Coast. A quiet wine revolution is taking place back east, in the Empire State," writes Frank. "This summer, head to New York and see what all the fuss is about...."

Matthews himself reviews a large array of wines in the Tasting Notes section, and Macari, Pelligrini, Raphael, and Millbrook all rate high, among others.

I'd love to reprint the extensive and glowing article and scores, but that would be illegal. What I can tell you is that you should run to the nearest magazine shop and buy the newest issue!!!

This is a great coup for the northeast, and for New York State especially...and a wonderful homage to the thousands of poeple who work and toil in the vineyards of New York.

Congratulations to the wineries...and to us consumers!