Thursday, May 18, 2006

Howard G. Goldberg, NY Times, Applauds Bedell's New Series

In an article entitled, "Bottle Artistry, Inside and Out," Howard G. Goldberg wrote in the May 14, 2006 edition of the New York Times about Bedell Cellars new Taste Red and Taste White series. "AT first glance, the woman with the word "Taste" in red over her open mouth on the Bedell Cellars 2005 Taste White and 2004 Taste Red labels resembles a photographed Marilyn Monroe," wrote Mr. Goldberg.

According to Howard, the wines "result from a collaboration involving the original owner, Kip Bedell, who is now called the founding winemaker; John Irving Levenberg, the winemaker, who joined Bedell after working under the outstanding California winemaker Paul Hobbs; and a consulting oenologist, Pascal Marty, whose credentials include Ch√Ęteau Mouton Rothschild in Bordeaux."

Howard wrote of Taste White, "Appealingly perfumed, a soft creamy texture, supple, elegant, a potpourri of flavor subtleties, piquant grapefruity acidity, charming, a model wine. Versatile at the table."

And on Taste Red Mr. Goldberg opined, "Beautiful glowing garnet color, a smoky and woody and deep-anise bouquet, herbal accents in the bouquet, supple and creamy texture, a somber flavor with bursts of cherry and berry notes and cocoa, poised in a Bordeaux-like way, stylish, pleasing dusty tannins, long on the palate."

Put another trophy up on the wall for Mike Lynne and Kip Bedell. Congratulations!
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