Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Le Breton" a Star for Schnieder Vineyards

So I went to dinner with a good friend of mine, Mike Morales, an insurance executive from AIG. We have been good friends for years. The other night, while our wives were home, tending children and making dinners, we had a night out on the town - two middle-aged bon vivnts.

We met at 11 Madison, the restaurant on 24th Street and Madison. I waited at the bar and had two Oatmeal Stouts. With dinner, we talked of old times, politics, religon, careers, etc. We don't always agree, but we always manage to have a great conversation and enjoy each other's comapny immensely.

We started off with foix gras, and a bottle Le Comtesse Pichon Longville-Leland. It was a fabulous, deep red. A classic deep French wine. Sophisticated. Complex.

Then we decided to order something a little differet. I ordered a Schneider Vineyards Cabernet Franc Le Breton Estate 2004. This 100% cabernet franc was fermented at cool temperatures and blended with 10% bone dry rose of cabernet franc. This medium bodied wine displays bright red cherry fruit up-front, minerality, and a crisp refreshing finish. 360 cases produced.

We had it decanted at the table, and it was marvelous. The longer I swirled it around in the decanter, the more miraculously it opened up.

I am late in reviewing this wine. My friend Lenn Thompson at Lenndevours reiewed it last November in 2005. He was able to attend the tasting. I however, due to my heavy work schedule from other areas, rarely attend such events. I envy Lenn immensely...and we agree on a great many wines. I often look to see what he is reviewing, because he's usually way ahead of me when it comes to New York state. So I have never really fallen into the fashion of reviewing when wines are released. Sometimes I am behind...sometimes I am on time. I review them when I enjoy them. This was a special occasion. I had not seen Mike in some time, and I was a little nervous, afraid my recommendation might not work out. Mr. Wine Expert turns up a dud? Would a Long Island Cabernet Franc hold up after a French classic? But I had nothing to fear. We enjoyed a meal of spiced, grilled pork, and swirled the wine around in the decanter and in our glasses, and told stories of the old days, told bad jokes, and stories out of school, and laughed. It was a wonderful dinner, and a tremendous red wine. We talked about our wives and our children, sports, and enjoyed a tremendous time. "Le Breton" is special bottle to be enjoyed with friends and family alike.

Schnieder Vineyards does it again.