Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter Surprise – Bartlett’s Oak Dry Blueberry

To say my family is filled with wine snobs is a slight understatement. Every holiday, I insist they try some new east coast wine. And they have been pleasantly surprised on many occasions. Yet, every time I announce yet some other new wine, they roll their eyes and groan. “Here we go again,” they utter.

Now, left to their won devices, they would drink deep, dark California, French, Italian and Chilean reds until their eyes fell out. Chiantis, Merlots, Cabernet Sauvignons, Petite Syrahs, Zinfandels, and Bordeaux blends usually draw raves.

So, when I decided to decant a bottle of Bartlett’s Oak Dry Blueberry wine for an hour or two in a wide bottomed decanter…I decided to hide the bottle. Actually, I had decanted another wine…a California…and lied to my guests. I served them the Bartlett’s and told them it was the California wine. With the exception of one out of fifteen people, the wine drew raves…and utter amazement when I revealed the truth.

Amid the Jack Daniel's glazed ham, roasted spring peas, roasted baby potatoes, and surpirsingly fabulous pineapple stuffing, and frresh carrots, we drank.

The wine is a Syrah/Malbec-ish purple ringed in deep-red. The fruit that springs on you is dark berries and the finish is dry and smooth as silk. A fabulous wine. I know we’re about to enter the summer whites…but if you visit Maine this summer, make sure you try this exciting wine. You will be surprised, but I won’t have lied to you.